Men's ON Cloudvista Waterproof

Men's ON Cloudvista Waterproof

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Men's ON Cloudvista Waterproof  - City Park Runners

Lightweight, agile and cushioned, it's the key to unlocking outdoor adventures. And with CloudTec®, Helion™ superfoam and Missiongrip™, it's ready for hard-packed trails and flats. For twisty forest forays, lakeside loops and park pathways. Take the road less traveled. Better yet, leave it behind completely.

• Helion™ for the hills: Helion™ superfoam combines with CloudTec® for a balanced level of cushioning and a comfortable ride in moderate terrain.
• Min. weight, max. agility: The lightweight upper and minimalist sole mean extra agility without extra weight. Making the Cloudvista incredibly easy to wear as one of the lightest shoes in our trail collection.
• Let 'er grip: The Missiongrip™ outsole features squared lugs in the heel and forefoot, as well as multi-angled lugs in shank and toe areas. The result? Traction on varied terrain.
• Versatile comfort: The unique design and materials make the Cloudvista light, versatile and comfortable. Tech made for trails, style that works beyond them too.

• Upper: Total recycled polyester: 70-80%
• Speedboard: Comfort-focused, Cloudultra-inspired polypropylene Speedboard with low abrasive textile on underside.
• Midsole: Missiongrip™, Helion™ superfoam, connected CloudTec®.
• Sustainability: Total recycled polyester of upper: 70-80%