Earn 5% cashback on every purchase, free birthday gifts, and $10 rewards for referring friends

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$100 Spent = 500 Points = $5 Off

500 $5 Off
1000 $10 Off
1500 $15 Off
2000 $20 Off
2500 $25 Off
3000 $30 Off
3500 $35 Off
4000 $40 Off
4500 $45 Off
5000 $50 Off

Points and Referrals Q&A

$100 Spent = 500 Points = $5 Off

How do I become a Points Club member?
Every customer with an email will automatically collect 5% cashback. Create an Account if you'd like to send referrals or receive birthday gifts!
How do I view my points balance?
If you navigate to your Account Page, you’ll be able to see your points balance above order history. Or if you recently made a purchase you may have received points earned email.
How do I redeem points in-store?
Just mention your email in-store during checkout, and we'll apply your redeemable points.
How do I redeem points online?
You can redeem points by clicking the popup on the bottom right side of the screen and select “redeem”. You’ll receive a coupon code you can use during checkout.
Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn?
No! Go crazy and earn as many points as you want.
Can I use my points during checkout?
Points can be redeemed at checkout but you’ll need a minimum of 500 points to receive a discount.
Do my points expire?
At this time points do not expire. They will remain in your account forever.
How do I leave the program?
If you no longer want to keep earning points, contact us and we will unenroll you from earning points.
If I refer a friend, how do I receive $10 off?
You’ll earn 1000 points when you refer a friend which translates to 10%. You can redeem your earned points at checkout.
How does my referred friend receive points?
Your referred friend will receive an email with a 10% off discount code.
How are earned points calculated?
Every $1 spent in-store or online (pre-tax, pre-discount, pre-shipping) will reward you with 5 Points.
How much is each point worth?
500 points are worth $5.00 of in-store credit, and points are redeemed in 500 point increments.